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DVD : Sacred Relics of the Saints: Treasures of the Church

$ 15.00

This newly released DVD contains the complete teaching on relics that Fr. Carlos Martins gives in his presentation on relics, in addition to other content.  This is the same teaching he has given all over the world.

Among the special features that are included in this DVD:

1) A complete biography on St. Maria Goretti that Fr. Carlos recorded within the kitchen of her family home (i.e., the place where she was attacked) and within the hospital room where she died (the place where she forgave her attacker).

2) A virtual exposition in which over 160 relics are individually zeroed in on the screen.  This offers an opportunity for individuals to venerate the saints right from their own home.



"Father Carlos Martins, CC, is to be commended for this instruction of the faithful on the true and proper devotion to the saints and the pious veneration of their sacred remains."
-- Cardinal Raymond Burke 

"Teaching true and proper devotion to the Saints is an important element of our Catholic Faith.  Father Martins has done an admirable job with this work."
-- Cardinal Daniel DiNardo

"I commend Father Martins for this ministry in which the theology and devotions of the Catholic Church, as they relate to Saints and Relics, is presented."
-- Bishop Robert F. Vasa

"Fr. Martins presented a thorough and passionate explanation on both the Church’s doctrine of the intercession of the saints and of the historic practice of the veneration of their sacred relics."
-- Bishop Edward Slattery

"Father Martins presents an excellent catechesis and a strong exhortation to follow the 
way of the saints.  I am sure that many fruits will result from this teaching." 
-- Bishop James Conley


(This video is also available in Blu-ray format for the same cost)